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Global Outreach

Borealis AI, a Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Institute for Research, is a curiosity-driven centre dedicated to achieving state-of-the-art in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Established in 2016, and with labs in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Waterloo, Borealis AI supports open academic collaborations and teams up with world-class research centres in artificial intelligence.

Borealis AI is headquartered in Canada, but we are committed to promoting the understanding of artificial intelligence internationally. As such, we partner with top-tier academic institutions around the world to support fundamental and applied research in artificial intelligence.

There are a variety of academic and industrial programs that can support researchers and developers who want to collaborate with Borealis AI. No matter which corner of the world you’re from, there is always an opportunity to connect with us and participate in our research.

Depending on your current career stage, Borealis AI offers opportunities for full-time employment, internships, or support for graduate research.


Full-Time Employment

*Suitable for recent graduates and/or professionals.

The Borealis AI teams are predominantly staffed with fundamental and applied machine learning researchers and research developers. If you are interested in full-time opportunities, please check our latest job postings at When applying for a position, please indicate your preferred location within Borealis AI’s network of labs.


Mitacs Accelerate International Program

*Suitable for domestic and international graduate students who want to pursue industrial internships in Canada.

Each year, we offer a number of internship positions across all Borealis AI locations. Master’s or PhD students currently registered at universities outside Canada are eligible to apply to this program.

To deliver on our international promise, Borealis AI has partnered with Mitacs, a non-for-profit Canadian organization that delivers research and training programs for graduate students. The Mitacs Accelerate International program enables international candidates to apply for research internships that are held in a collaborative setting between Borealis AI and a Canadian university.

Borealis AI has a network of academic partners that can help facilitate this process. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with our team. The Mitacs Accelerate International program requires applicants to submit a proposal for peer review. As such, it is recommended that applicants initiate this process at least 6 months before the intended internship start date.

For information on how to apply, please check our website at

APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 28, 2018. Early submission highly recommended.


Borealis AI Fellowships

*Suitable for those interested in pursuing graduate degrees in machine learning at a Canadian university.

Supporting academic research is at the core of who we are. Our graduate fellowship program has been designed to help exceptional students achieve their goals as they pursue their graduate degrees in the machine learning or artificial intelligence fields.

Every year, we award a number of fellowships to outstanding students who wish to pursue graduate-level degrees at a Canadian university in the fields of machine learning or artificial intelligence. You do not need to be enrolled in a Canadian graduate program at the time of the application, but you will have to be admitted to a Canadian graduate program by the time this award is administered. You will be asked to provide proof of enrolment at that stage. Borealis AI cannot guarantee admission to a Canadian graduate program, but the fellowship will be used to support your studies while you pursue them at a Canadian university.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 28, 2018. Early submission highly recommended.

For information on timelines and how to apply please check our website at